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Monitor your ministry or school from anywhere with Notion.

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Protect your ministry or school with Notion's 5+1 Monitoring Kit.

Notion’s multi-functional sensors monitor your ministry or school and alert you if something happens, even when you aren't there.

Easy monitoring, from anywhere.

Notion's multifunctional sensors can detect water leaks, sounding alarms, temperature, and opening doors and windows. Notion's iOS and Android app allows you to see what's happening on the property no matter where you are.

Notion 5+1 Starter Kit


Notion helps you monitor for the things that matter most.

Leak Notifications

Be alerted the moment a water leak happens so you can avoid costly damages. 

Sounding Alarms

Know when a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm goes off if you aren't home to hear it. 

Temperature Readings

Be alerted when the temperature of a room gets too hot or too cold.

Door Alerts

Know when your entrance door, the garage, a liquor cabinet, or a gun safe is opened. 

Window Alerts

Keep an eye on home security and save on your energy bill by knowing when your windows are opened. 

Garage Door Alerts

Know when your garage door is open or closed. 

Prevent Costly Water Damages

Stop water damage before it becomes a problem. Your Notion sensors alert you instantly when a water leak is detected. 

Notion also partners with HomeAdvisor's pre-screened service providers, connecting you instantly with a qualified plumber, right from the Notion app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

First thing’s first: go to getnotion.com/app on your smartphone to download the mobile app. Create your account and follow the instructions in the app to set up your system.

The only cost is the devices (sensors, bridge, magnet). Notion Starter Kits range from $149-199 MSRP. There is no ongoing cost for the Notion base service. 

Have questions? Feel free to go to our Support Center or reach out to our support team.

(877) 668-4660 | support@getnotion.com